Water Free Landscapes

Caligreen Landscaping providing Water Free Landscapes service. Many people prefer landscapes without water in order to prevent from wastage of water. So the main thing in the landscape that require water is the grass, if get rid of grass and use the element of landscapes that don’t require water then you can prevent from wastage of water. Here at Caligreen Landscaping we use various techniques to install a Water Free Landscapes. Below are some methods that we use for this:

  • Replace your grass with artificial grass: Grass is the largest water waster in the yard and require more maintenance.
  • Replace your grass with gravel and stone: Artificial grass looks more like the real deal than ever before, but a gravel, stone and paver garden gives the garden a contemporary, minimalist look.
  • Plant ornamental grasses: Many of the grasses are drought free grasses and hence can use to prevent from water wastage.
  • Use perennials instead of flowers: If you want an colorful landscape then we use perennials instead to flowers.


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