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Lawn Care Granite Bay by Caligreen Landscaping will work to give you a beautiful lawn. Let us take care of your lawn, so you can enjoy a great lawn all year long. Call (916)743-0631 for a quote on your lawn care. Caligreen Landscaping provides beautiful lawn care in many cities including Granite Bay. We are a local lawn care company focused on providing outstanding lawn care and landscaping service. We deliver great results by utilizing a proven lawn treatment program which uses 6 treatments per year.
There is no contract to sign. We offer a few extra services as well including Landscaping, Paver Patios,Tree Services, Shrub Service, Gutter Cleaning, Fall and Spring cleanup.

If you live in or near Granite Bay, we would be happy to give your a free quote on you lawn care. We can help your lawn reach its potential. Our proven lawn care treatment program includes pre-emergent products, post-emergent products to feed your lawn throughout the growing season.

Lawn Care Granite Bay

Ivan Kravtsov that’s me im the owner of Caligreen Landscaping. Im in business because there’s lots of things missing in the Landscaping Industry like:Communication skills, integrity, fairness, commitment and much more Im here to Improve all of these stages. We strive for costumer satisfaction we wont have it any other way you deserve it!

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We can implement the following types of landscape features:

  • Customized outdoor lighting
  • Plants, trees, vegetation, and shrubbery
  • To reduce the height of a tree
  • To remove obstructing lower branches
  • To shape a tree for design purposes


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Landscape Rip out & Install

This is our main service. This could be Anything from ripping out sod and then installing new sod. also ripping out full Landscapes and Installing a complete new design. Your outdoor area should feel like a natural extension of your home. Once expressed, your input, combined with our site analysis, will be used to create a conceptual design.  The conceptual design will be based on our professional interpretation of site conditions and how it will best be utilized to achieve your goals. Landscaping Citrus heights landscape designs provide a working plan for the development of your landscape.  They are not our work of art.  We save that for what really counts – the landscape itself!

In summary, all landscapers are not offering you the same product. As in most products you purchase, you usually get what you pay for.

These guys were fabulous. Really went right to work and did a wonderful job. They suggested that I put black bark down in my beds and I took his suggestion and when he was done, WOW. I would highly recommend them. :):):)
-Gina H. , Carmichael, CA