Landscape Rip out Citrus Heights

Landscape Rip Out & Install

This is our main service. This could be Anything from ripping out sod and then installing new sod also ripping out full Landscapes and Installing a complete new design.Your outdoor area should feel like a natural extension of your home. Through professionally designed landscapes and hardscapes, you can create a beautiful outdoor area that ties together your house exterior with your interior. On top of that, you can add more value and curb appeal to your home, putting money back into your pocket down the road.

Our team understands that your home is important to you. That is why we are here to deliver breathtaking landscape designs that are personalized to your individual style. We don’t just focus on the aesthetic side but make sure our designs fit well within your property, taking soil type, Layout, and other limitations and assets of your outdoor area into consideration.

We can implement the following types of landscape features:

  • Customized outdoor lighting
  • Plants, trees, vegetation, and shrubbery
  • To reduce the height of a tree
  • To remove obstructing lower branches
  • To shape a tree for design purposes



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